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Versatile gift

This limited edition Lithoprint is a celebration of the world of contract bridge.

It is as beautiful as it is unique. A captivating tribute to this challenging mindsport, played at-tables or on-line in all corners of the world. This lithograph highlights the unity between partners, the competitiveness of the game, without sacrificing the grace or welcoming spirit that goes hand in hand with play.

Only 500 lithoprints were made, thanks to a Kickstarter campaign to fund this project. Supporters ranged from amateurs just starting the game to players of the bridge world circuit, including the Bermuda Bowl. Hence the trophy painted on the banner. These are now available for purchase through this web site or affiliates who support the program. Between 10 and 30 Euros of each sale is donated to a charitable cause, depending on the affiliate, because goodness is the bottom line.

Cambodia Fundraising
by Barbara Seagram and Patti Lee

Alan and Martin support this fundraising, so we have included this description here. You can learn more about their fundraising activities as shown on the Seagram homepage.

Cambodia Fundraiser

In 2011, Patti Lee, Barbara Seagram and a group of 50 docked in Phnom Penh. We were armed with clothing, pens, notebooks, rulers, sharpeners, toys, pencils, stickers, and other school supplies. We had heard about an Ontario resident, Lisa McCoy, who had dedicated the last few years to working in Cambodia for several months per year. Working alongside Lisa is another fabulous lady, Australian Pauline Johns. Together they founded Banyan Learning Tree Schools, which operates under the umbrella of A Mine Free World. Each has spent as many as six months per year in Cambodia. As well, Lisa spends countless hours fund raising while back in Canada. Currently, Pauline is living in Cambodia fulltime. Maria Van Santen is President and Founder of A Mine Free World and Stephanie Breed is another volunteer who does the websites for Banyan Learning Tree and A Mine Free World. They live in Kitchener/Waterloo area and take care of endless details for us.

That year, other groups funded two schools to be built in Takeo province. Lisa and Pauline managed these projects, as well as many others to assist landmine affected families in this province, as well as other locations around Cambodia. One of their big projects has been to help children get to school by obtaining bikes for them.
At that time, our group and other friends from the Toronto area donated 40 bicycles to a school outside of Phnom Penh. We went there with Lisa in a small tuk-tuk along the dusty roads through Phnom Penh and out into the countryside to find that the school was a one-room shack with a cement floor and no desks or chairs. The bikes were given to children, mainly children of landmine victims. It was all very uplifting but Patti and Barbara looked at each other and wondered how long this shack would remain standing.
We inquired how much it would cost to build a permanent school and found that it would be $24,000. We returned to Toronto determined to build a school. We raised $40.000 that year, so we also furnished all three schools and built a library at one of the schools. Since then, a fourth school has been added; we now have over 700 students in our schools; and we remain committed to sustaining all FOUR schools... paying teachers, librarians, paying the cost of electricity, etc. The cost per year for sustaining all four schools is $20,000 CDN. You can see that money goes a long way in this country.
Many other projects have been undertaken to help make these landmine affected families self-sufficient: a bike repair business, chicken farmer training, sewing lessons with a sewing machine, crafts, technology centre, and the weaving centre. We are currently creating a sponsorship program for a few students for post-secondary education.
There is also a huge need in the remote villages for medical help. Many never see a doctor: they do not have a doctor and cannot afford to travel to one. Malaria and tuberculosis continue to plague the remote villages. We need to educate throughout rural areas regarding the need for sanitation, aiding in the prevention and transmission of diseases. We need to work to ensure the health of mothers during pregnancy and childbirth.
Our focus for the first few years will be to make sure that villagers have:

1. Access to safe water. This is a fundamental human need and a basic human right. In some cases, this may be as simple as teaching them the necessity of boiling water.

2. Access to health care and education regarding health / sanitation matters.

3. Transportation, as appropriate, to clinics in cities for dental, eye, and other medical needs.

From the Kickstarter campaign

The lithoprints have been printed on finest quality, wood-free, acid-free heavyweight paper. The printer's location is at the traditional center of fine-quality printing, Heidelberg in Germany, using the most modern techniques and most vivid inks to achieve the best results.
Image width 52.0 cm. Image height 39.0 cm, (20 1/2 in x 15 1/2 in)
There is a white border (passepartout) around the image giving a total paper dimension of 60.0 cm x 49 cm (23 1/2 in x 19 1/4 in)

Our Team

A year ago, Alan searched for a picture to hang on the wall showing the different facets of this amazing game. He found nothing. Eventually he contacted Martin Holt, whose work was already much loved in Alan's household and together the two of them discussed, sketched and fantasized how to show contract bridge in a picture, and look thrilling and humorous even to those who do not play bridge.

When both were happy with the sketches, Martin put brush to paper and Alan set up a crowdfunding campaign to cover the costs of producing the lithoprint to make it available to likeminded.

Feedback was terrific (e.g., so the remaining lithoprints are offered through this Web shop.

Martin Holt

Martin Holt Internationally acclaimed artist and cartoonist
Tel Aviv, Israel

Alan Rickayzen

Alan Rickayzen Bridge enthusiast
Heidelberg, Germany